Learning Management System

NUML is a unique university in the country due to the rich potential for departing the languages skills to every kind of stakeholders. So far hundreds of alumni have been benefited since its journey as an institute to University however currently more than twelve thousand students have been registered inside the university including its seven campuses, located at capital and major cities across the country.
The need of language is increasing due to the globalization therefore it seems necessary to increase the seats for students which can only be possible by increasing the teaching as well as physical educational resources however to make this possible the competent authority pleasantly approved the execution of distance education particularly for the foreign languages whereas initially the Chinese language is targeted to execute with its short courses through e-learning program through Learning Management System (LMS) . Center of Distance Education is constituted under the Directorate of Information Communication Technology (ICT) of NUML with the purpose to extend the accessibility of Language courses across the World. Initially Chinese Certificate Course is developed virtually to launch through that center however other languages are the future targets of NUML.